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Changing Communities

  We work to support various charitable organisations in promoting better healthcare for the communities, so if you have an innovative idea for health and fitness, then share it with us, so that we can help change our communities.

Taking Good Care of Your Health

  In addition to our support within the communities, we provide the best quality pharmaceutical products, including medical equipment for better health care and after illness care. Our Nutritional supplements also help you maintain an optimum balanced lifestyle.

Welcome to TeamLink Pharmaceuticals

Supply and Distribution To Major Medical Organisations

TeamLink Pharma Co Ltd is a fully Licensed Pharmaceuticals Distribution Company (Licensed by the Nigerian Phamaceutical Council), with products approved by the - National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, known as NAFDAC

Through extensive marketing, diversity and inclusive working, TeamLink Pharmaceuticals has been able to touch so many lives plus promote quality healthcare by being one of the leading pharmaceutical distributors throughout Nigeria

Outline of our Services and Objectives

Building on our experience TeamLink has successfully worked on targeting and delivering much needed medical and nutritional products and services, throughout various parts of the Country.

TeamLink has engaged in effective partnership arrangements with Major Hospitals, Medical Centres, Surgeries, Health Authorities and more, including Educational establishments, in pioneering various research programmes, for the provision of better and affordable healthcare within the Nigeria.

We provide quality medication and nutritional supplements to both government and private hospitals, pharmacies, health centres and more, with the utmost determination to promote improved healthcare facilities, and to work closely with these agencies through various initiatives.

Our aim is to ensure that quality medication and the necessary support is at the reach of people that need it most, especially in remote areas, where facilities may be limited.

In addition, we regularly assess and review the health needs within the Country, in liaison with various medical professionals and organisations, including ongoing reviews of statistical information, to ensure that medical and nutritional supplement supplies are readily available to match the targeted requirements from the various medical organisations and hospitals.

We also aim to highlight the awareness of new healthcare products, and as such, we promote and advertise new tested and approved medication through the relevant media, magazines, national newspapers, conferences and seminars, and local targeted outreach to areas that are not within the main towns and cities.

TeamLink supply and distribute quality pharmaceutical productsts throughout Nigeria, and would welcome any enquiry for new supplies or distribution. You can contact us by clicking on our contact links on this website, you can also view our sample product range by clicking here Contact Us at TeamLink Pharmaceuticals

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